Freddy Batteur

Music brings me up... makes me feel good!

My first contact with my main instrument, the drums, was through my father. He was a great jazz/Big Band drummer. (Video 1962 - Fred Seitz)

When I was arround 10, I had my first experience playing with professional musicians (my father's colegues) on a really big stage, after their rehearsal. For me that was a real punch to start my musical career.

When I was 14, I started my first band project with some school friends playing R&B with a band called Stonehenge.

When I was 18 I started working as a studio drummer and my first experience as a session player was in Saba Studios in Villingen, Germany. My first music production was made in Zucker Fabrik/Stutgart when I was 19.

I LOVE MUSIC and not styles or genres!... Since I started up to 30, I've played and enjoyed lots of different styles... pop, rock, bossa nova, samba, big band, new wave, fusion, etc.

More recentelly, my "new love" is playing keyboards, composing and songwriting. Hey... but I'm still drumming the "Space Funk" and the "Jungle Beat"!! ;-)

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